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Established in 2010 as private limited company under the name of
K Future Co, Ltd. and commenced business in the same year. Headquarter in Yangon, Myanmar.
Branches located in Nay Pyi Daw, Mandalay and Dawai.

Integrated business type of Company. K Future Company is leading to diverse businesses as follow.

Main Business Sectors:
  1. Machinery Vehicles

  2. Pharmaceutical Distribution

  3. Fire Protection Devices Distribution

  4. Logistic

  5. Construction and

  6. Plantation

 Our Vision:

To be one of the largest & highest performing in "Safety & Development" for our environment, "Healthy and Development" for our people.

 Our Mission:

To strengthen our position as the market leader of sustainable quality, safety products and services backed by an uncompromising commitment to our associates, customers, investors, community and the environment.

 Future Plan
  1. Plan to manufacture of pharmaceutical products and strongly support of raw  and machinery to the Government. Distribution of unsustainable, benefit vaccine to the public (likely SAR  vaccine)

  2. Plan to distribute Fire Protection Device with advance technology. Therefore, The more we extend the market, the more we need joint investors.

  3. Plan to set up the Sales Center and Service center of Machinery Vehicles not only for Government’s but also for the business organizations’ through public individual customer who need it.

  4. Plan to invest of Real Estate and financial support to potential businesses.

  5. Plan to joint for Privatization of Government sectors due to good connection and relationship with them.

 Franchise Business what we interest in:
  1. Advertising & Marketing

  2. Automotive & Machinery

  3. Consultant & Business Broker

  4. Entertainment

  5. Home-Base

  6. Real Estate

  7. Security System

  8. Retail Sale

  9. Security System

  10. Training

  11. Garment

  12. Rubber & Teak

  13. Coffee

 Our Aspiration

K Future Co, Ltd is planning to convert into a public sharing company in future.
We are welcome to joint investors for future and potential business sectors.